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Ur-Can is a leader in contract manufacturing of many products for a number of market sectors such as janitorial, equestrian, automotive and home products. We are also heavily vested in Commercial and Domestic pest control products for the Professional and Retail Markets.  If you have a liquid, we can package it.

We are recognized by the industry for our flexibility in formulating, filling and custom packaging a wide variety of domestic and commercial products.

We have the capabilities of filling short and long production run, and packaging a wide array of products of all packages sizes, from containers as small as 200 grams to as large as 25 liters.

Regardless of the economic conditions, it is always tactically and financially wise to focus on your company’s core proficiencies.  When you trust us with your manufacturing needs, we will ensure that all production from development to delivery is handled with professionalism.

We fulfill all your companies’ manufacturing, formulation and packaging needs with expertise.

The Ecoguard bag-on-value (BOV) technology provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional aerosol products.

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You can explore our variety of pest control products and obtain detailed registered labels, sell sheets, and SDS documents.

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