Welcome to our Professional Horticultural page.

We hope you enjoy your visit. The main intention of this page is to provide you, the Horticultural Professional, access to detailed information on our premium fertilizer blends, as well as superior brands and technologies available from Nu-Tec Specialty Products.

You can explore our variety of ProLong® fertilizer blends, investigate slow release nitrogen sources, and obtain fertilizer labels and technical data sheets

The high quality performance of our blends is built upon the Encompass™ TRC technology brand.

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PROWESS® XL is a designed technology that harnesses the intelligence of the plant, increasing plant energy and metabolism leading to the utilization of that energy to optimize plant performance.Read More

POLYON® controlled-release fertilizer with its trademarked green color is backed by years of research, and for decades has been the market leader in the turf and ornamental markets.Read More

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