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Unequalled in power and safety! The ONLY magnesium/sodium/urea blend with patented FS2000™. Every particle is treated for maximum speed and the lowest melt temperature possible. Starts melting INSTANTLY.

Melts to -25°F (-32°C).

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The natural alternative to regular ice melting products. Our eco-friendly ice melter, derived from natural ingredients offers proven performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Melts to -11°F (-24°C).

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Fortified formulation makes snow and ice DISAPPEAR! Our newest ice melter product provides fast, effective, long lasting ice melting power. Each particle is treated with patented FS2000™ and CMA!

Melts to -13°F (-25°C).

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Intense de-icing fluid! Patented 30% MgCl2 formulated with an organic derivative inhibits corrosion and suppresses crystal formation. The basis of our innovative ice melting technology, it’s an effective pretreater.

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Free of chlorides, acetates and nitrates, it out-performs CMA at half the cost. Firestorm Free™ is an environmentally friendly ice melter that is free of chlorides, acetates & nitrates. It works as well or better than leading chloride-based ice melters and can contribute to LEED® points.

Melts to -9°F (-23°C).

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