Stabilized Nitrogen

Nu-Tec’s stabilized nitrogen is a specially formulated for the professional turf market. Its unique design ensures nitrogen applications are delivered to the turf and reduces the risk of nitrogen loss by protecting nitrogen longer, extending the window for plant uptake.

Simply put, Nu-Tec’s stabilized nitrogen reduces nitrogen loss so your turf gets more; less is lost to the environment and you get the biggest return on your fertilizer investment.

How Does It Work?

To minimize nitrogen loss to the environment, Nu-Tec’s stabilized nitrogen contains both a urease inhibitor and nitrification inhibitor.

Urease inhibitors protect nitrogen while the fertilizer is on the soil surface. These inhibitors slow down the urease enzyme that converts urea to ammonia gas which is lost through volatilization. Slowing down the urease enzyme provides time for urea to travel below the soil surface through rainfall or irrigation.

Nitrification inhibitors slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, nitrates are prone to denitrification and leaching.

Product Benefits

  • Quick green-up with sustained colour
  • Cost-efficient performance
  • Reliable performance on changing soil conditions (ex. temperature, moisture, pH).
  • Improved nitrogen efficiency by reducing nitrogen loss to the environment through volatilization, denitrification and leaching.

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SDS Stabilized Nitrogen

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