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DURATION CR® controlled release fertilizer relies on a patented and durable polymer-coated technology to gradually and efficiently release nutrients.  The results is the consistent metering of nutrition that lasts for weeks, even months, with fewer applications.  This consistency helps to take the worry out of maintaining healthy turf-grass and plants for turf-grass managers, and lawn and landscape professionals.

How Does It Work?


Product Benefits

DURATION CR® controlled release fertilizer sustains turfgrass growth and colour, and is widely used by superintendents as well as lawn care professionals and sports turf managers.

  • Advanced polymer coated technology for dependable nutrient release
  • Reduced likelihood of feast/famine cycles, growth flushes and burn
  • Release regulated by temperature and coating thickness
  • Longevities for 45, 90, 120 and 180 days
  • Fewer applications can reduce overall fertilizer expense, fuel costs, and equipment upkeep; allows reallocation of labour
  • Environmentally responsible with low potential for nutrient leaching, denitrification, runoff or volatilization

Info Sheet:

DURATION Information Sheet


Duration 44-0-0 (Regular) 45 Day Label

Duration 44-0-0 (Regular) 90 Day Label

Duration 43-0-0 (Regular) 120 Day Label

Duration 43-0-0 (Regular) 180 Day Label

Duration 41-0-0 (Mini) 90 Day Label

Duration 40-0-0 (Mini) 120 Day Label

Duration 0-0-50 (Micro) 180 Day Label

SDS Sheets:

Duration 44-0-0 (Regular) 45 Day SDS

Duration 44-0-0 (Regular) 90 Day SDS

Duration 43-0-0 (Regular) 120 Day SDS

Duration 43-0-0 (Regular) 180 Day SDS

Duration 41-0-0 (Mini) 90 Day SDS

Duration 40-0-0 (Mini) 120 Day SDS

Duration 0-0-50 (Micro) 180 Day SDS



More Control and Flexibility

With longevities and sizes for every application, DURATION CR® fertilizer allows your customers to put together programs to best manage turfgrass and plant nutritional needs.  They can also tailor applications to the conditions – various growth cycles, weather, seasonal changes, traffic patterns and other unique situtations.


45 Day – Early or late season applications, or for use on areas in need of additional nutrients

90 Day – Provides balanced nutrition over targeted portions of the growing season, or for catch-up nutrition

120 Day – Provides needed nutrition to turf or plants with longer growing cycles that may require multiple applications, either early or late in the season or cycle

180 Day – Delivers consistent, dependable nutrition to turf or plants with extended growing cycles of up to six months.


The above graphs denotes typical nutrient release for 100% DURATION CR  fertilizer technology. The solid blue line indicates nutrient release as a percentage of the total amount and corresponds to the left-side axis. The shaded area represents corresponding release in lbs. & kg of nitrogen (N)  and relates to the right-side axis .
Test Method: Refractive index variation with dissolved fertilizer salt concentration is used to measure the percent release measurements up to 80% release. Release curve is generated by placing a measured weight of DURATION CR fertilizer into a known volume of water. Water is maintained at a constant temperature and the release of nutrient into the water is measured every seven days. Data is plotted to create the typical release curve.

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