Encompass ProTour

Encompass™ Pro Tour is a premium controlled release fertilizer that has been specifically designed for optimum performance in cool climates.

Developed using a specialized polymer coating technology and decades of turf science experience,
Encompass™ Pro Tour provides a reliable, steady and balance source of nitrogen to turf grass.

Whether it’s a golf course fairway or sport field application, the unique coating technology releases nutrients as temperature and soil activity stimulates turf growth, fulfilling the demands of the turf.

How Does It Work?

Soil moisture begins to penetrate the polymer coating.

Encapsulated nutrient begin to dissolve however remain within the polymer coating.

Slowly the nutrient solution is
release in response to temperature and coating thickness.

Product Benefits

  • Unique coating technology specifically designed for cool climates
  • Provides dependable, consistent and predictable supply of nitrogen.
  • Quick green up coupled with extended feeding, provides a cost effective solution for fertility programs.
  • Reduces the potential of nitrogen loss to the environment.
  • A dust-free uniformly sized particle to ensure even coverage.
  • Durable coating that protects nitrogen in the turf.
  • Year round testing to ensure the highest level of product performance.

SDS Sheets:

SDS Encompass™ ProTour 44-0-0, 45 Day, SGN 260

SDS Encompass™ ProTour 43-0-0, 90 Day, SGN 150

SDS Encompass™ ProTour 44-0-0, 90 Day, SGN 260

SDS Encompass™ ProTour 41-0-0, 120 Day, SGN 260

Info Sheets:

Encompass™ ProTour

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