Prowess XL

PROWESS® XL is a designed nutritional technology that harnesses the intelligence of turf, increasing turf energy and metabolism leading to the utilization of that energy to optimize turf performance.

The mode-of-action of PROWESS® XL  technology is via uniformly stimulating several naturally occurring cellular signaling systems in treated plants. PROWESS® XL  technology works at the level of the plant cell and acts to integrate plant-signaling systems.

PROWESS® XL  has been designed to stimulate key performance related signaling systems when applied to turf. Turf treated with PROWESS® XL  have activated signalling systems, which result in an increase in its performance characteristics such as its nutrient utilization capabilities and ability to withstand biological and physical stresses.

Turf cannot utilize all the energy supplied through photosynthesis, PROWESS® XL  solves this problem by increasing the rate of plant metabolism.

PROWESS® XL  does not change what a plant naturally wants to do, unlike hormones that alter plant behavior. PROWESS® XL enables turf to perform at its’ genetic potential. Other technologies focus on one or two aspects of plant performance, PROWESS® XL  simultaneously influences numerous physiological triggers in all cells.

The benefits from PROWESS® XL  accumulate over time with additional applications.

Features and benefits of applying PROWESS XL:

  • Optimized plant nutrition and nutrient uptake characteristics
  • Enhanced root development.
  • Increased drought tolerance.
  • Increased plant uniformity & quality.

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SDS Prowess® XL

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